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                         VSI 4 key      


                        VSI 6 key                                                                    VR2 4 key

              Dynamic Shark

                   P&G Pilot




             Dynamic shark                                                 invacare SPJ+

          MKIV RII Invacare

       P&G Remote plus



    P&G GC joystick Jazzy select

         VSI 4 key                    Pilot             Dynamic 4.2 i or 5.2 i

                Remote plus 3 key


                             Invacare MK5 SPJ

             Dynamic Shark

                          Older Quickie


               Invacare MKIV RII

  Invacare MK5 SPJ                 MKIV RX





                    Dynamic A Series


Generally speaking, you can find numbers on your joystick to help identify it. The most helpful will be the ones on the face of the unit (if there is any). A great deal of times the number(s) are located under the joystick mounting bracket, on the bottom of the controller. There are certainly more joysticks out there than we show on this page. What always helps us out is a pic of your joystick and the wheelchair make and model it is on.

Top left to right MK5 SPJ, Remote plus 3 key, VSI 4 key, Dynamic shark, P&G GC controller

Bottom left to right Older dynamic, P&G pilot, 4 key VR2, Dynamic shark SPJ+, Dynamic 4.2i or 5.2i, older P&G controller

VSI Joystick plug types


          Flying leads offboard charger                           Flying leads onboard charger                       8 blade with centering pin (common)



         pride jazzy style onboard charger                             uncommon 7 blade plug                                    Dynamic shark plug

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