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Scooter Cover

Scooter Cover

Scooter Covers

V1400 mini standard $57
V1411 mini heavy duty $65
V1111 regular heavy duty $85
V5111 regular HD back slit $95 
V7111 reg HD 6" slit $95
V1120 large standard $85
V1121 large heavy duty $95 
V5121 lrg HD back slit $106 
V7121 large HD 6" slit $106
V1130 Super size $95 
V1110 regular standard $75 

 Don't be fooled by claims of "waterproof" covers. Our covers come closer than any other companies'.

 We carry a complete line of scooter, powerchair, and manual wheelchair covers. Covers are available in a light weight and in our extremely popular Heavy Duty material.

Our covers provide the highest level of protection from the elements. Works great on lifts or for just storing outside. We take extra measures to form fit the covers to your vehicle.

Powerchair Cover


Small Scooter Cover

Powerchair covers

V1300 reg standard $75 
V1311 reg heavy duty $85 
V5311 reg HD back slit $95
V7311 reg HD 6" slit $95
V1320 tall standard $75
V1321 tall heavy duty $85
V1330 large standard $85
V1331 large heavy duty $97
V5331 lrg HD back slit $105
V7331 lrg HD 6" slit $105
V1340 x lrg standard $85
V1341 x lrg heavy duty $97


2 piece Seat and Tiller Cover

Part# V2110
 Seat and Tiller Cover

Protects your seat and tiller from moisture to prevent any unwanted water damage to your vehicle. When using the tiller cover in operations, controls are still visible. (Seat or Tiller Covers can be sold separately)


Tiller Cover

Small Tiller Cover Part# V2300 $40

Regular Tiller Cover Part# V2100 $40

Seat Cover Only Part# V2010 $40

Joystick Cover


Part# V2200

Joy Stick Cover

Protects your powerchair joystick from moisture to avoid electrical damage.


"I was using tarps and plastic bags and everything was always wet, until now"

Sleeveguards $18

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To Fit: Most Scooters Measuring Up To 2' Wide x 4' Long x 3-1/2' Tall
Description: Scooter Cover; Heavy Duty Black Nylon
Unit of Measure: Each
Sug. Retail Price:  $114.00   
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To Fit: Most Powerchairs Measuring Up To 29" Wide x 34" Long x 46" Tall
Description: Power Wheelchair Cover; Heavy Duty Black Nylon
Unit of Measure: Each
Sug. Retail Price:  $114.00   

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